Is My Child Defiant or Just Impulsive?
How can you tell the difference between defiance and impulsivity? Sometimes the line is fuzzy, but the biggest factor has to do with awareness.
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Six Traits to Look for in a Spouse
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When Your Kids Get Hurt, Should You Comfort Them?
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Why Transparency with Kids is Important
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Kids who are Annoying need Sensitivity
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My Child is Just Going through the Motions
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Reducing Tension in Family Life May Require a Parenting Shift
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Children and the Bible - Staying motivated
Just as good health and physical activity stimulates our appetite, our desire for God's Word comes from a healthy relationship with Him, and the application of His Word to our lives
True Love: How Do You Know When You Find It?
How do you know it is true love when you find it? How can you be sure it is true love or just infatuation? What are the differences between lust and love?
Children and the Bible - Getting started
The Bible is a big book, and we are blessed to have such a collection of inspired writing—the Word of God—literally at our fingertips.
It was Angela’s spring choir concert. I have to tell you, these choir concerts are bitter sweet for me. I waffle from loving all she is doing, then moments I’m in tears.

A Guide for Christian Marriage

  1. 1Receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, serve at a local church and receive faith training in order to mature in your walk with Jesus.
  2. 2Get educated about Biblical marriage to help set the right priorities and viewpoint about marriage.
  3. 3Seek advice and guidance from Christian parents, pastors, elders, and/or friends in church regarding marriage and how to choose a godly spouse.
  4. 4A couple should begin courtship with the sincere intention of marriage.
  5. 5Before marriage, hold a church service where the couple can make a vow before God to build a faithful family centered on Jesus Christ.
  6. 6Hold a wedding ceremony with parents, relatives and friends, and register the marriage legally.