Build Intimacy in Your Marriage through Forgiveness
Intimacy in marriage is established and deepened as you increase your openness and vulnerability with your spouse. Intimacy is, by definition, a close, familiar and affectionate
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Marriage as a Spiritual Discipline
The Apostle Paul’s comments on mixed faith marriages highlight marriage’s formative character. Paul reports that the believing spouse renders the whole marriage holy for the children Read More
10 Ways to Love Your Wife for Life
Everyone talks about love at first sight. But, true romance is love at last sight. Loving your wife 50 or so years until one of you passes. Anyone can “love” for a year or two. Real men love for a lifetime. Read More
God's Minimum Financial Standards for Couples
The Word of God has basic principles that govern every aspect of marriage, including His minimum financial standards. If couples will dedicate themselves to living by God’s principles Read More


How to Use Parenting Seminars
as an Outreach to the Community
One of the greatest ways to reach out into your community is to meet the real needs of parents and then to share with them the love of Jesus Christ. Read More
Teaching Children About Sex
Kids today are learning more information faster than ever before, so fast it’s scary. And without some good teaching on this subject Read More
Helping Children Deal with Tragedy
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Parenting Insight You Can Use Now
One of the ways that parents can teach honor to children is to include it in the instruction process. You might say, “It's time to obey me by setting the table, Read More
Taking a Break: A Technique for Addressing the Heart
The Scriptures emphasize that God’s primary interest is the heart. The wise parent looks beyond behavior to what’s going on at a deeper level. This involves the child’s attitudes and motivations. Read More


I Kissed Dating Goodbye
I was 21-years old when I wrote my story of giving up the dating game in order to focus on serving God. The hope behind it was that other singles


25 Family Devotional Time Ideas
Every night, we do a simple family worship time. It’s usually about 20 minutes and consists of Bible study, songs and group prayer. We’ve spent the better part of three years of family worship
5 Fatherhood Lessons Inspired by America’s Founding Fathers
When it comes to getting inspired to be a great dad, who better to look to than the dads who helped build the foundation of the United States?
4 Ideas for Family Ministry in Your Church
Being the church implies discipleship. It’s important to disciple believers as individuals but also in their roles and relationships in family life. With the pressures on the family today
Tips and Activities for Dads
Sometimes the best information we can get on parenting is from each other. Talking to and learning from other parents can be a great source of information and support!

A Guide for Christian Marriage

  1. 1Receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, serve at a local church and receive faith training in order to mature in your walk with Jesus.
  2. 2Get educated about Biblical marriage to help set the right priorities and viewpoint about marriage.
  3. 3Seek advice and guidance from Christian parents, pastors, elders, and/or friends in church regarding marriage and how to choose a godly spouse.
  4. 4A couple should begin courtship with the sincere intention of marriage.
  5. 5Before marriage, hold a church service where the couple can make a vow before God to build a faithful family centered on Jesus Christ.
  6. 6Hold a wedding ceremony with parents, relatives and friends, and register the marriage legally.