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History is replete with amazing revival stories. Our modern times will recall the great works of the Spirit through the Protestant Reformation, the Methodist revivals in Britain,
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The Role of the Wife in a Christian Marriage
As Christian wives, when we get back to the fundamentals we can be the best wife that God has made us to be. God’s design is perfect


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It was Angela’s spring choir concert. I have to tell you, these choir concerts are bitter sweet for me. I waffle from loving all she is doing, then moments I’m in tears.

A Guide for Christian Marriage

  1. 1Receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, serve at a local church and receive faith training in order to mature in your walk with Jesus.
  2. 2Get educated about Biblical marriage to help set the right priorities and viewpoint about marriage.
  3. 3Seek advice and guidance from Christian parents, pastors, elders, and/or friends in church regarding marriage and how to choose a godly spouse.
  4. 4A couple should begin courtship with the sincere intention of marriage.
  5. 5Before marriage, hold a church service where the couple can make a vow before God to build a faithful family centered on Jesus Christ.
  6. 6Hold a wedding ceremony with parents, relatives and friends, and register the marriage legally.