Covenant Relationships
The concept of “covenant” is important in our faith because of its role in our relationship with God. Examples of God’s covenant with his people abound in Scri
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Children’s Playtime and Academic Development
The collective wisdom of mothers shows us how important it is for children to play outdoors, exercise, and get fresh air. An article by Alice Park in Time Magazine explains that children perform better in school when given time to playRead More
How to resolve conflicts
There are some quarrels and friction between husbands and wives, some people say that it is nothing more than a loud communication. Of course, husband and wife need to communicate, but must the communication be very loud?Read More
Do you have a Highly Sensitive Child?
He doesn’t “lose” very well in games or activities and it took a lot of practice with board games and activities to where he understands that sometimes I win, sometimes daddy wins, sometimes his friend wins, sometimes he wins.Read More
God’s Design for Marriage
Truth is, no relationship comes with a lifetime guarantee. Even men and women who grew up in stable homes, who attend church and consider themselves Christians, who promise “until death do us part,” can have it all fall apartRead More
Emotion Coaching for our children
Emotion Coaching is a research-based tool developed by Dr. John Gottman that can help you learn to value your child’s range of emotions, such as happiness about an upcoming birthday party or sadness over a lost toyRead More
Child’s Brain Development
If we understand the brain development, we won’t be upset with children. Through learning the way the brain develops and the importance of providing the environment and the opportunity for children to experienceRead More
Excerpt: The Reading of Scripture As a part of Family-Worship
The reading of the word of God in the daily service of the house seems entitled to a brief separate consideration. The daily reading of Scripture is a solemn and indispensable part of Family-Worship; one which we cannot consent to seeRead More

News & Events

Healthy Baby Boy Delivered via C-Section from Canadian Brain Dead Woman
A baby boy has been successfully delivered via C-section from a Canadian woman who has been brain dead for nearly two months. Robyn Benson, 32, collapsed on December 28th after complaining of severe head pain...
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Michigan pastors speak out against same-sex marriage
Dr. Tom and Mrs. Karen Cowley shared their experiences in raising a Christian family recently at a Faith & Family seminar in New York. Mrs. Cowley shared from Charles Stanley’s “Family Principles”, and Dr. Cowley presented key thoughts from the …
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Marriage: Focus on a close discipleship relationship with Jesus
As we think about marriage, family and living in harmony, Dr. and Mrs. Cowley share their ideas and thinking by focusing on three basic foundations

A Guide for Christian Marriage

  1. 1Receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, serve at a local church and receive faith training in order to mature in your walk with Jesus.
  2. 2Get educated about Biblical marriage to help set the right priorities and viewpoint about marriage.
  3. 3Seek advice and guidance from Christian parents, pastors, elders, and/or friends in church regarding marriage and how to choose a godly spouse.
  4. 4A couple should begin courtship with the sincere intention of marriage.
  5. 5Before marriage, hold a church service where the couple can make a vow before God to build a faithful family centered on Jesus Christ.
  6. 6Hold a wedding ceremony with parents, relatives and friends, and register the marriage legally.